Statement on Mission Charlottesville

We have become aware that erroneous information is being distributed asserting that the Wesleyan Covenant Association and/or the Virginia WCA are planting and/or providing financing for the planting of a new church in Charlottesville, Va.  Neither of these statements is true.  On December 2, Mission Charlottesville held its first service. The leadership of Mission Charlottesville has completed the process for the church to be a member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association.  Membership in the Wesleyan Covenant Association is open to any church that is willing to affirm the WCA’s statement of biblical authority, statement of beliefs and statement of moral principles.  Churches do not have to be United Methodist to be members of the WCA.  Neither the WCA nor the Virginia WCA has had any role in the planting of Mission Charlottesville.  Neither the WCA nor the Virginia WCA has provided any financial resources to Mission Charlottesville in connection with its activities or launch as a church.

Keith Boyette, President, Wesleyan Covenant Association
Bob Cooper, President, Virginia WCA

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