General Conference Update for Feb. 24, 2019

An Update for the events of Feb. 24 at General Conference from Rev. Bob Cooper, a Virginia Conference Reserve Delegate to the Conference and the Virginia Wesleyan Covenant Association President

Good evening from St. Louis,

The first day of the Called General Conference began with a wonderful worship service. It reflected the global nature of The United Methodist Church as we heard different languages used to express the glory of God.

The rest of the morning was spent with some house-keeping matters to organize our proceedings of the day. As the afternoon got underway, our first matter was to vote on pieces of legislation that would be considered “high priority.” There were multiple pieces that were considered. These are the top results:

The results I will focus on are where the two of the three plans lined up. The Traditional Plan came in with 459 votes (55.57%) and the One Church Plan came in with 403 votes (48.67%).

What this means is that the Traditional Plan will be the first plan to be considered by the General Conference on Monday morning. Please keep in mind the One Church Plan or another plan may also be considered, depending on the decision of the General Conference.

Please continue to pray

Bob Cooper

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