General Conference Update for Monday, Feb. 25

An Update for the events of Feb. 25 at General Conference from Rev. Bob Cooper, a Virginia Conference Reserve Delegate to the Conference and the Virginia Wesleyan Covenant Association President

Hello from chilly Missouri,

Today was a day of committee work. There were several pieces of legislation that were addressed. Here’s a round up of today’s work:

  1. The Legislative Committee approved the Traditionalist Plan by 56.22% to 43.78%

2.   The Legislative Committee did not approve the One Church Plan 53.04%-46-96%

3.   The Connectional Conference Plan and the Simple Plan did not receive the support of the Legislative Committee.

4. Two plans for disaffiliation were approved. This has to do with churches who may desire to leave the denomination regardless of the outcome of General Conference.

So, what does this mean?

The Traditional Plan will come before the plenary session of the General Conference tomorrow. There are some constitutional amendments the Judicial Council is considering that could impact the Traditional Plan. We should know something in the morning.

While the One Church Plan was not approved, it can still be presented as a “minority report.” This means it can come before the plenary session of General Conference tomorrow providing it gets enough support.

It’s possible both disaffiliation plans could be merged into one plan.

As you can imagine, today was a day of highs and lows. Strong emotions surround all of these issues. Throughout all of this, I have felt your love and support.

Tomorrow is the final day of General Conference. Please continue to be in prayer.

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