A group of diverse #UMC bishops, clergy and laity recently met to cast a vision for a future expression of Methodism. If and when the General Conference adopts the “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation,” we intend to form a new Methodist denomination that:

  • Is passionate about Jesus and His gospel,
  • Is characterized by Joy,
  • Is truly GLOBAL in our mission, membership and leadership,
  • Trusts the Bible, in which the living core of our faith is revealed,
  • Loves everybody and welcomes all who respond to God’s love,
  • Upholds core, historic, Methodist doctrines, ethics and mission,
  • Works to eradicate racism, sexism, poverty and addiction,
  • Values Wesleyan connectional community and accountability,
  • Empowers women and people of color to lead the Church at every level,
  • Takes deep discipleship and leadership formation seriously,
  • Emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit and
  • Minimizes bureaucracy to maximize impact.

If you’re excited by this, then do three things: 1) sign up for updates at, 2) share this post and 3) pray with us as we work toward achieving this God-given vision!

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