Phase 3 of Praying Our Way Forward Launched

The Council of Bishops, in partnership with The Upper Room, is launching Phase 3 of Praying our Way ForwardPhase 1 involved 84 members of the Council of Bishops praying for The United Methodist Church’s way forward for 15 minutes daily, from August to December 2016. This was followed by Phase 2, which resulted in 18 continuous months of daily individual and corporate prayer by faithful members of annual conferences around the globe.

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Our Finest Hour?

One of my favorite movies is Apollo 13. It is an amazing story of teamwork and overcoming adversity. One of my favorite scenes is when the crew of Apollo 13 is beginning the descent to earth. There is much concern about if the crew can even survive re-entry. Two NASA officials are discussing all the things that could go wrong and how this could be the worst disaster NASA has ever experienced. In that moment, the Director of Flight Operations, Gene Krantz, (played by Ed Harris) speaks up: “With all due respect sir, I believe this is going to be our finest hour.”

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Spring Gathering Videos

Thank you to all who joined us in Midlothian for our first Gathering!

We also wish to thank Rev. Keith Boyette and Rev.Jeff Greenway for joining us.

Videos of their talks and the follow-up questions and answers sessions are now available
at the following links

Rev. Jeff Greenway on how to talk to your church and others about the issues facing the UMC

 Rev. Keith Boyette on the WCA and Questions and Answers Sessions Part 1

Questions and Answers Session Part 2


A Thanksgiving Message from the WCA President

Breathing Forth the Praise of God
Keith Boyette, President

On July 18, 1773, John Wesley penned a letter to his sister who was “encumbered with worldly business.”  Wesley wrote:

Prayer and thanksgiving is the vital breath
That keeps the spirit of man from death:
For prayer attracts into the living soul
The life that fills the universe whole;
And giving thanks is breathing forth again
The praise of Him who is the life of men.

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WCA Mobile App

WCA Mobile App

Download the Wesleyan Covenant Association mobile app! This app is packed with powerful content and resources to help you grow and stay connected with the United Methodist Church. With this app you can:

– Watch or listen to past messages
– Register for events
– Read articles and blog posts
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